Monday, December 29, 2008

I love my kids!!

I just thought i should write on my blog tonight for a minute and share something darling that my little Kaden said today. So we were heading back to the car from getting Kaden's cast looked at (he broke his arm badly 2 1/2 weeks ago-more on that to come). He was really playing around in the snow banks and I kept telling him to hurry to the car- it was freezing!! So we all get settled in to the car, seat belts on, and start driving out of the parking lot. Here goes the conversation.
Kaden: Mom, what happens again if I eat the snow on the ground?
Mom: Well, you could get really really sick
Kassi: What could you get sick with?
Mom: Well, you could get Polio or some other awful disease
( I only say this, cause that's what my parents used to tell us as kids)
Kassi: Well what happens when you get Polio?
Mom: You could get paralyzed and have to be in a wheel chair, so don't eat it -K-
Kaden: Mom, if I get Polio will you get me the wheelchair with the buttons? Cause then you won't have to push me, I could just go by myself.

(I have a feeling that Kaden ate some snow while out there.)
Kids say the darndest things don't they?I had to chuckle at that one for a while!!