Monday, December 29, 2008

I love my kids!!

I just thought i should write on my blog tonight for a minute and share something darling that my little Kaden said today. So we were heading back to the car from getting Kaden's cast looked at (he broke his arm badly 2 1/2 weeks ago-more on that to come). He was really playing around in the snow banks and I kept telling him to hurry to the car- it was freezing!! So we all get settled in to the car, seat belts on, and start driving out of the parking lot. Here goes the conversation.
Kaden: Mom, what happens again if I eat the snow on the ground?
Mom: Well, you could get really really sick
Kassi: What could you get sick with?
Mom: Well, you could get Polio or some other awful disease
( I only say this, cause that's what my parents used to tell us as kids)
Kassi: Well what happens when you get Polio?
Mom: You could get paralyzed and have to be in a wheel chair, so don't eat it -K-
Kaden: Mom, if I get Polio will you get me the wheelchair with the buttons? Cause then you won't have to push me, I could just go by myself.

(I have a feeling that Kaden ate some snow while out there.)
Kids say the darndest things don't they?I had to chuckle at that one for a while!!


Nichol Family said...

I love it! That is funny. Thanks for sharing I love to hear what's going on in your life. It makes Texas seem not so far away. Enjoy your sweet beautiful children and keep writing down the funny things they do.

BrittanyW said...

Amy this is so cute and funny that he said that. Ashton now wants a wheelchair because of Kaden. Cute blog!!! Keep it up!